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As a small company with only three children's entertainment machines and big plans. Over the years, we have never given up our vision and effort to improve our business.

We have upgraded our business with major projects including:
owning 50 children’s amusements tied to long-term contracts with key businesses
expanding our business with specialized event management, which creates the need to control our business processes so that we can develop much more effective strategies for the next jobs.

We are present in 5 major shopping centers (Arena Center, Avenue Mall Zagreb, Kaptol Center, Garden Mall, Meridian 16) with over 50 children’s entertainment machines.

We have completed the patent-pending “Vending Tycoon” product, the product is ready to be installed in any baby appliance or vending appliance regardless of the appliance manufacturer. It allows us to monitor the correct operation of the appliance in real time and uses it as a great tool for analysis. Using Vending Tycoon in our daily work greatly accelerates our business decisions and positions us as unique in our business.

We have acquired Automatic Toys-One d.o.o. and we are expanding our business all over Croatia (Kaufland and Konzum Centers) with a total of over one hundred children’s entertainment machines. Also, we have signed a long-standing contract with the only large retail chain for the maintenance of 26 children’s playrooms located in all major cities in Croatia.

Implemented a new payment method on our children’s SMS entertainment devices.

We have opened the following centers: Marisa Trogir, Avenue Mall Osijek, City Life Šibenik, TC Omišalj. We also acquired Jadmar j.d.o.o. which offers the most realistic Formula 1 simulators on the market and we have positioned these simulators at strategic locations in Croatia, such as City Center One Split and East, Sub City.

We currently have over 200 appliances, all of which we own.

In the next two years, we plan to expand to the foreign market and improve the system of monitoring the operation of appliances. The constant development of our staff and visits to specialized fairs, ensures the highest level of professionalism and service. Eluxio d.o.o. is a guarantee that the Center will always have the best appliances for children’s entertainment in its area.

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